Smart Home Services

The more we look for ways to make living in our homes easier, more affordable and efficient, the more companies react to the market and invest in innovation into new technologies to solve problems for us.

More products are developed everyday and companies like Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft are investing billions of dollars into research, development and marketing to bring products into the market to convince you that their ecosystem is the best one.

In our experience not one single eco system or infrastructure is best but each often individual solutions that perform better and offer more functionality than others. Often, a client may see that it is a combination of speakers from Sonos, Thermostat from Tado, Doorbell from Nest, lights from Phillips Hue and security camera from Netatmo that provides an extremely capable, user-friendly experience that suits their needs, but we understand that everyone is different.

Smarter Home Electrics can help you choose what is best for you, so your investment is based on informed decisions, potentially saving you a lot of money wasted through trial and error.

  • Home Assistant
  • Home Energy & Efficiency
  • Smart Security
  • Home Automation
  • Smart Lighting
  • Electric Vehicle Charger Install

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    Whether it be through our personal choice, moving to new build homes with integrated technology, or through government legislation to support energy efficiency, at some point we will all experience Smart Technology. The more we look for ways to to simplify our home living, save money and make it more efficient, the more companies react and invest in innovation to solve problems for us